Client Testimonials

At Allison Insurance, we get results and we get the job done for you. We don't stop working until you are pleased. The following small sampling of testimonials show how our satisfied customers reflect our commitment to results.

"I don't know what I would have done without Bobbie going over my paperwork and explaining things to me when I turned 65. I feel so much better since she has helped me do my pre-planning. I never have to worry about it again. She helped me pick the right Medicare program for me, and with my pre-arrangement done, my children do not have to worry about my funeral and I am happy with what will be done for me in the end. She explained to me how to plan in case I need Medicaid to help with nursing home care someday. Bobbie insisted I get my Power of Medical Attorney, Living Will, Will and Power of Attorney done so that if something happens unexpectedly at any time, I am taken care of.


She looked over my finances with me and helped me pick the right products that fit my budget and my needs. I can now sit back and enjoy my life and my grandkids. I highly recommend her to my friends and family." - Mr. Jackie Sharp